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A baby’s sleeping and waking phases
All mine! When does a child develop social skills?
Being more conscious of your own needs as a mother or father
Bottle feeding or breastfeeding – a deep and respectful relationship
Can a child be provocative?
Changing diapers standing up: how does that work?
Conflicts with my child

Crying: what can help my baby?
Development of the imagination: how do children experience the world differently?
Eating at the family dining table: from when does it make sense?
Exploring independently instead of rational explanations
Give me patience: but quick! What helps me to remain patient in stressful situations?
How do I deal with my child’s growing self-will?
Introducing solid food: getting to know your baby’s favorites
Media consumption in early childhood and its effects
Motor development until sitting up unaided
Motor development until walking freely, climbing etc.
On holistic learning: does a child depend on explanations? 
Pikler pedagogy: about respectful and empathetic care, free play and autonomous movement development
Play in the first year: what does a child need to be able to concentrate on play?
Play in the second year: what toys make sense?
Play in the third year: what does a child learn from it?
Play materials that set creativity free
Respectful and empathetic care: what is that?
Setting limits instead of punishing
Sleeping: feeling safe and sound
Table manners: example and imitation
The development of speech: from babbling to the first words
The first clothes and other things: what is needed and what makes sense?
The “terrible twos”: understanding your child’s behaviour
Waldorf pedagogy
Weaning time and solid food
What can I do if my child behaves aggressively?
What does my baby already perceive from the first day?

When and how does a relationship come about?

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